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4 Things you need to keep in mind before hiring movers during COVID crisis

Moving is usually a stressful concept anyway, but having to move during a pandemic can be especially daunting. Apart from all the packing and intermittent waves of nostalgia, you also have to consider who to trust when it comes to moving all your belongings to your new home safely and in a sanitary manner. Because we live in a world of convenience and you have multiple options at your fingertips, you need to think about your choices carefully.

There are many questions you should ask yourself when choosing a mover, such as

  1. Are they affordable?
  2. Do they have a good safety record?
  3. Do they provide a high quality of service?

At Removalists On Run we pride ourselves on our reliable and trustworthy service. We want to help you make a smooth transition to your new home and handle the moving so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Although moving during a pandemic can seem intimidating, there are some steps you can follow to ensure smooth sailing ahead. Read on for 4 things to consider when hiring a mover during COVID.

Check their reviews

While online reviews are not 100% accurate, they provide a decent insight into how a company operates. If people have left consecutively bad reviews, then that’s probably not a company that you want to go with even if their prices are lower.

CHeck if they follow COVID safety practices

When choosing a local mover in recent times, it is very important that they practice the highest hygiene standards while servicing your needs. You need to ask yourself questions like “Does the company offer a contactless delivery to minimize the risk of viral transmission?” and “Do they wear protective gear and wipe down surfaces?”.

Ask for license & insurance

Unfortunately, in the moving business there are people who will try to scam you. This is why you should always ask for license and insurance before hiring a moving company. A few people with a truck could try to tell you that they are qualified movers which is why you should always ask for a license to see if they are a legitimate business.

Compare package details

Always compare at least three moving company’s rates with each other so that you have an idea of the industry standard.

Hire a reliable team of removalists for your next move

Whether you are moving into a new home or transitioning into a home office, you want to know that your belongings will be safe in transit. Removalists On Run follows strict hygiene practices when we help you pack and move to your new location.

We will also help you move with minimum stress and always with a smile! Call Removalists On Run now for an affordable and safe moving experience.