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Changes Coming to the Office Space in 2019

In previous years, and continuing this year, many businesses have changed their focus towards the design of their offices because of how important office space has become to success. Keeping staff happy is crucial to staff retention, and businesses are realising this. Innovative office designs are on the rise, and here are some of the changes we’re seeing in 2019.

A big push towards environmentally friendly and sustainable offices

Young workers are very conscious of the environment and reducing their impact on it in everything they do. They also prefer brands and companies that think the same way and implement ‘green’ practices in their workplaces. Things like solar-powered office spaces, with plant life and other environmentally conscious features such as energy-efficient light bulbs, make everyone feel happier and will have the younger generation especially turning to your business.

Perks that improve wellbeing at work

Office spaces continue to move towards promoting employee wellness by including a variety of things to improve staff experience. You’ve probably heard of offices that have baristas, pool tables and other gaming options, lunch stations that provide healthy, nutritious food, and even things offer things like massages and yoga. Staff that are happy at work will work much harder and stay loyal to the company, improving staff retention rates.

Bringing people together

2019 has seen a huge boom in office spaces that promote co-working in the form of an open plan design. Collaboration breeds innovation, flexibility and creativity – all things that are vital to a business’s success. Open plan office spaces appeal to the younger generation and will continue to evolve past this year.

Incorporating technology

It’s not enough anymore to upgrade the printers and computers in an office every few years; technology continues to be worked into office spaces in new and exciting ways. Installing virtual whiteboards, 3D printers, and other tools need to be integrated into your office space to make work as efficient as possible for your staff.

Removalists On the Run has years of experience in helping businesses relocate their offices or remove furniture to make way for new additions. We can safely move your technology and reinstall it in your new office too, as an extra way to help make the office relocation run smoother.

Call us when you’re moving office spaces or refurbishing your current office, for service you
can trust to have you back to work sooner.

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