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Guide to Moving House for a First Home Buyer

You’ve just bought your first home, congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life, and you’ve
worked hard to get to this position. Once the initial excitement dies down, though, reality hits and
you’re left wondering what the next step is.
We’ve put together this handy guide to moving house for first home buyers, to help you prepare for
a smooth transition.

1. Organise utility connections

Talk to all of your utility companies to make sure your new home will be connected when you move
in. It’s a good idea to book your electricity connection for a day or two before you move, to make
sure you have power on moving day.

2. Pack your current home well in advance of your move-in date

Start packing your current home, giving yourself enough time to make sure everything is properly
sorted and packed.

3. Have your kids and/or pets taken care of for the move

Organise for someone to watch your kids and/or pets on moving day, so that you can concentrate on
getting things done without having to worry about them.

4. Organise insurance coverage for your new home

You (hopefully) already have contents insurance, but when you become a homeowner you really
should consider home insurance as well. Getting your new policy organised before you move
ensures you’re covered on moving day.

5. Keep the essentials separate

It’s nice to think you’ll have all of your boxes unpacked on the first day, but that’s not usually the
case. You don’t want to be opening boxes searching for your charger or clean underwear after a long
day of moving, so pack a bag with the essentials.

6. Notify utilities and accounts of your address change

Change the address on all of your accounts to your new address, such as your license, bank accounts, the electoral roll, insurances, etc.
Owning your first home is a fantastic milestone, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed during the time before your move. We hope this handy guide makes moving to your own home for the first time as simple as possible.
Make it even simpler by calling Removalists On The Run, and let us take care of your moving so that you can enjoy your new home faster.