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Guide to Moving to or From Regional Australia

Whether you’re moving to the city from regional Australia or vice versa, the key is being prepared. You need to sort through what you’re packing and what you’re throwing away or donating, choose the best removalist, and find a new home at your destination. Here’s our guide to moving to or from regional Australia.

Picking your new home

When you’re hours away from where you’re planning to move to, it can be tricky to find the home that’s right for you. You may not have the time (or the money!) to hop on a plane or drive for hours each weekend, so the answer is to do your househunting online. Pick where you’re moving to, then use sites like to see what’s out there. There are always many homes listed, and some even offer virtual online tours.

Decide if you’re buying or renting

It’s hard to commit to buying a property you’ve not seen in person, which is why people moving to or from regional areas have difficulty deciding whether to buy or rent.

Renting is less of a commitment, and means you’re not locked into the new destination. If you’re not sure whether your move will be for the long-term, renting saves you time and money in the long run.

Buying a home is a big commitment, and means you’ll need to visit the location often before making your choice on which home to buy. If you plan to be there for the long haul, it’s worth it to invest your time in finding the perfect house and suburb for you and your family.

Some people choose to rent first and then buy once they know the area better.

Finding movers you can trust

A long move requires a removalist that is reliable, trustworthy, and takes good care of your items. Be sure to read reviews and ask for recommendations from family and friends about movers they’ve used. If you’re moving interstate, it’s important to choose a removalist that has proven experience with coordinating moves to other states, so that you don’t have your belongings lost or are left waiting for them to arrive.

It’s also important that these removalists have excellent insurance that covers your belongings over large distances, especially when moving interstate.

Make your move easier with Removalists On the Run

Moving to or from regional Australia can be an overwhelming experience, especially due to the differences in lifestyles. Remember that it takes time to adjust to new surroundings, and do what you can to help yourself and your family settle in. Join sporting clubs or parents’ groups and start making new friends.

Whether you’re moving to the city or to a regional town, Removalists On the Run will help you relocate with ease. Our team is experienced in interstate removals as well; we’ll move you any distance, keeping your belongings safe and getting them to you on time.

Call the team today to discuss your next move and how Removalists On the Run can take the stress of moving away.