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How to Decide the Size of the Moving Truck to Hire

There are two obvious factors needing consideration when hiring a moving truck: size and price. To avoid the headache associated with hiring a truck that’s the wrong size, we at Removalist On the Run have created a guide to help you decide the size of the moving truck to hire.

Home Vs. Truck Size

Firstly, consider the size of your home and contents. The following table provides a loose guide that compares home specifications to truck size:

Home SizeTruck Size
1 bedroom3-tonne
2 bedroom4.5-tonne
3 bedroom6-tonne
4 bedroom9-tonne

Pleaseremember that houses with the same specifications can have very different square meterage rates and storage capacities. Consider whether your rooms are small or large, and how much furniture you need to move so that you can make allowances accordingly.

Slightly Overcompensate

The general rule of thumb is to hire a truck with a capacity that is an extra 10% more than you originally anticipated. This ensures that you don’t get caught with a few leftover pieces of furniture unable to fit into the truck, especially because the cost of a second trip is more than the cost ofhiring a larger truck so go one size up and save time, money and stress.

Street Access

An important factor that is often overlooked is street access. Before selecting a truck for hire, consider your streetscape including powerlines, nature strips, neighbouring yards and parking. All of these factors represent obstacles you’ll need to navigate on moving day if you aren’t adequately prepared so ensure you negotiate these factors in advance.
If you’re still needing advice, give Removalist On the Run a call and we’ll work with you to negotiate all relevant factors and ensure you get the truck that’s right for you.

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