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How to Move Your Fish Tank in 7 Simple Steps

When you have an aquarium and you need to relocate, you want to be sure that you keep it, and your fish, safe during the move. It’s not as easy as unplugging your fish tank, emptying the water and moving it all at once. It takes planning and preparation to make sure that your fish tank can be moved easily, and without distressing your fish.

Here are the seven simple steps to take to move your fish tank successfully.

1. Prepare your fish for the move

For short moves (an hour or less) and small fish, you can put your fish and water from their tank into plastic bags, and sit them in something sturdy for the journey, like an esky.

When you’re moving over an hour away and/or your fish are larger, you’ll need to put them in clean buckets in threes or fours, with water from their tank. Be sure to tape the lids of the buckets shut so that nothing spills out during transport.

2. Prepare your fish tank

Start by unplugging any lights, heaters, pumps, etc. and then take out any decor, accessories, and plants. Like your fish, the plants should be placed in buckets with tank water in them. Any accessories and decor should be cleaned and dried, then wrapped securely with bubble wrap to ensure they won’t break. Do the same for the equipment, removing it carefully and then packing it safely. If you can, keep the filter damp and put it in a sealed container.

3. Empty the tank

When draining the water from your fish tank, try and keep as much of it as possible so that you can refill your tank with it when you’re in your new home. It keeps the fish healthier and is much less distressing for them. Keep the water in buckets and tape the lids shut for safe transport.

4. Pack the fish tank itself

Take off the lid and wrap it in bubble wrap, packing it separately from the rest of the aquarium. If you can get your hands on a big enough box, it’s the most secure way to pack your tank because you can add extra protection into the box.

5. Moving your aquarium and fish

If you can fit it, move the box containing your fish tank, and the fish themselves, in your car so that you can take extra care of them. Otherwise, be sure that the removalists you’ve hired understand how fragile the tank is and how careful they have to be with it and your fish.

6. Set your tank back up

Your fish tank should be set back up straight away when you arrive at your new house. If your journey wasn’t a long one, start using the water you brought with you to refill the aquarium and reinstall the filter and other equipment.

7. Put your fish back in

When the water in the tank is back to normal in terms of temperature, PH balance, etc., it’s time to start putting your fish back into their home. If it was a short move and you used plastic bags to transport your fish, let them sit in the water in their bags for a while so that they can acclimate. Then, it’s finally time to let them out so that they can explore their tank again.

Removalists On the Run are experts in moving fish tanks and other specialty items

If you’d rather leave moving your fish tank to the professionals, then call the team here at Removalists On the Run. We’ve moved fish tanks over long and short distances, keeping aquariums of all sizes from being damaged and keeping fish happy.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly team members about how we can help you move your fish tank easily.

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