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Moving Interstate With Kids During COVID-19? Here’s How You Can Make It Easier

Has the time for change come? Whether it’s because of COVID, your need for a change of scenery or a fresh start, calling a new state home with your family can be a daunting experience. When it comes to moving of any kind, creating a sense of ease and comfort is one of the highest priorities, but when it comes to moving with kids, it becomes your number one priority.

So, what exactly do you do to make your moving experience easy and absolutely stress free? Keep reading because at Removalists on Run, we have rounded up some helpful tips and tricks to make your move to a new state an easy ride.

Communicate With Your Kids and Prepare Them For The Move

Before you plan to relocate, talk to your children about the place you’re planning to move to, your reasons behind the move, the good things about the move and the challenges that might come along with it. Breaking the news to your kids in advance will not only give them more time to process this information, but also help them deal with this sudden change seamlessly. You can also engage your kids in tasks like packing, wrapping and cleaning, and encourage them to think about the colours of their new rooms, making them feel in control of things amidst this abrupt situation.

Collaborate With Teachers At Your Kids’ New School

Before your kids start going to school in the new state, collaborate with their teachers, coordinators and let them know about your moving date and any special requirements that your children might have. any specific information that you want the school authorities to know.Run through your kids’ timetables thoroughly so that you can have everything set up in your new home before their first day of school.

Draft a Packing and Moving Checklist

It’s rightly said – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A packing and moving checklist is a great tool that allows you to seamlessly work through each step without having to worry about missing something. It helps you keep track of all the belongings you need to take along, the errands you need to run and the responsibilities you need to cater to before and after you make the move.

Hire a team of interstate movers

If you want to make a stress free move to a new state amidst the COVID upheaval, consider hiring professional removalists. Removalist On the Run is a bunch of friendly and expert removalists who endeavour to make your interstate move as easy as ABC. We clearly label your packages and make moving your items to your new home far less of a chore.

Call Removalists On Run For Your Next Relocation

Planning to move to a new state with your kids? It’s time to pack away your fears and call Removalists on the Run.

We will streamline your moving experiencemoving experience and make sure it is as enjoyable as the thought of moving itself.