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The Five R’s For an Environment Friendly Move

Do you know what the five R’s are for an environment friendly move? Applying these five R’s can positively impact the outcome of reducing waste during the move, and help the environment as well.

Read on below to learn the five R’s.


Cut your items down to things you NEED, as opposed consider wanting for your move. When moving make a good list of what are absolute essentials that you use, and ones that you may not have used in a year.

This will not only help with the five R’s, but by refusing you will also keep your new home clutter-free, make the move easier as there will be less items to move, and help the environment! Sounds like a win-win.


In line with refuse, reduce what you have.

Do this by saying no to things that are made out of plastic such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, and other single use items. You are better off, and it is more cost efficient to buy a multi-use product. This will help overcrowded landfills, and will stop pollution in the oceans.

Further, anything you do not want, you can consider selling and make an extra buck.


Many things we purchase are single use everyday items that will be thrown away after one or two uses. This will become litter on the street, our turn into other waste that will harm our planet.

Find a way to reuse these items, or buy longer-lasting items to promote sustainability. Ditch the disposables, and start buying reusable items.

A good example is using garbage bags to store items from A to B, rather than buying cardboard boxes or plastic bags which may be single use. At least those garbage bags will be used again. Another option is to avoid using paper towels and instead buy cleaning cloths when cleaning your place before and after the move.


Repurposing can be fun! Transforming or upcycling your items are a great way to reduce waste. This can give new life to your items, and turn your trash into treasure.

This will also avoid you buying unnecessary things during the move, and save on costs. An example could be rather than throwing out that old cup, repurpose it into a vase for your new home.

Repurposing can be simple or a complete DIY project – the world is your oyster!


This is probably the R you are aware of. 75% of our waste is actually recyclable, however it is known that we only recycle 30% of it.

This is a lot of waste that does not get recycled.

During your move, when throwing things out, make sure you do recycle properly. This can be things such as electronics and furniture. Call up the right people who can come pick up these items to recycle best. This is normally a free service, and you will feel better about the environment.

Recycling the smaller things such as plastic, paper, and aluminium is easier, and please do not skimp out on this when moving.

If it cannot be refused, reduced, reused, or repurposed, then recycling is the answer!

Contact Removalists on the Run today to help with your move, and to provide an environmentally friendly moving service for you. The five R’s are part of our company values.